The swing of a pro

Hello fellow golfers, We were graced with the presence of Sunshine Tour Player, Mr Ryan Cairns on our last Golf Collage. It was such a pleasure to have him and his lovely wife, Engelize with us. Not only does he have a great personality, but also a great golf swing. Have a look at some of […]

Where is the NP and LD?

Hi Folks, When I’m on tour with our fabulous guests, a question I get a lot is: “Where is the nearest to the pin and the longest drive today?“. For every day we play golf I have these two challenges set-up for our golfers to stand a chance to walk away with a memento from […]

Think Railway!

Hello there golfers, I’d like to talk quickly about the importance of proper alignment in the set-up. It is really important to understand that the alignment in the set-up influences the actual path of the golf club at the take-away. The take-away is absolutely important to establish the correct path for the club to travel […]