Effective Putting Practice

We are at Fancourt, the ‘capital’ of golf in the Southern Cape and the famous Garden Route. Three great courses to choose from, all three ranked in the top 20 with the Links sitting at number one. We are playing the Outeniqua Golf Course today and since there is such a really great practice facility at the club, we took an earlier drive down the mountain on the breathtaking Montagu Pass to have some extra time to practice the tips the golfer’s have learnt in their swing analysis.

On the way to Fancourt on the Montagu Pass

The golfers have just teed off and I’ve put together a tip for you that will help your putting a lot! Don’t just get onto the green and start putting and think you are actually practicing… Getting on the green before the game is ONLY for trying to feel how fast the greens are and not to actually improve your putting! If there are issues with your putting that prevents you from breaking 90/80/70, you won’t really sort it out with 10 minutes on the green before the game. Have you ever been to a golf tournament? Seen the tour players go from the 18th to the clubhouse for scoring and then to the practice green? That is where the practicing of a putting stroke is… Here is how you can do it, and you’ll see results immidiatly. In your next game you’ll feel a lot more confident already – especially on those ‘must make, 5-8ft’ putts.

The practice green at Fancourt

On the green I have 6 balls lined up at two different distances. The inside three are about 3 feet and the outside ones are about 6 feet. Start with the balls on the inside and try to make each one without missing any of them. It’s harder that you think because by the time you get to the 5th or 6th one, you get a little nervous and it’s the same feeling as on the golf course. Here is the trick: When you miss one, you must start all over again! This is GREAT for simulating putting on the course and adding that little bit of extra pressure in your practice routine.

When you have made all six, try different distances, slightly further away. And also try another hole. Your green-keeper at the club will not be too happy with you if you stay around one hole and start creating a walk-path around the same hole!

Want to break 90? Hit less than 30 putts in a round and you’ll do it. Practice with a purpose. Do it! It will not happen by itself, and, this is a really fun practice drill.