Golf Tips

More consistent golf, NOW!

Difficulty: Easy Handicap Zone: 10 And Up Improvement in golf is measured by one thing only – consistently hitting LESS shots! Yes, I know it sounds like an incredibly obvious statement to make, but… let me give you one major pitfall that golfers tend fall into. We are bombarded with golf tips online, television and […]

The swing of a pro

Hello fellow golfers, We were graced with the presence of Sunshine Tour Player, Mr Ryan Cairns on our last Golf Collage. It was such a pleasure to have him and his lovely wife, Engelize with us. Not only does he have a great personality, but also a great golf swing. Have a look at some of […]

Where is the NP and LD?

Hi Folks, When I’m on tour with our fabulous guests, a question I get a lot is: “Where is the nearest to the pin and the longest drive today?“. For every day we play golf I have these two challenges set-up for our golfers to stand a chance to walk away with a memento from […]