Aug ’17 – Collage

Hello folks!

What a great trip it was! Thank you very much for joining us. It was such a pleasure to share each golf moment you all. We also want to send a big thank you to Sunshine Tour Player, Mr Ryan Ciarns for joining us hackers around each game! He went around in SEVEN UNDER for the trip and that must be the best golf we saw on the train, EVER. We can learn a lot from his great swing! So much so, that I went and analyzed a few key positions and I have noted them in the blog right here:

Chat to your local pro on hoe to get to those good key positions in your own swing. I have also looked at each of your swings and just maybe put one or two tips in there for you that may help to get to those pro type positions in your own swing. I hope it helps a bit 🙂 Have a look at the swing in the analysis section below.

Very well played to our winners,
1st) Kittelty on 150 points
2nd) Margaret Gregg on 125 points

1st) Don Wells on 153 points
2nd) Bill Kittelty on 151 points

One of the other very special moments was that we had our FOURTH hole-in-one with Rovos Rail’s golf trips. Mrs Patton hit the perfect shot at nr 4 at Durban Country Club. The ball pitched just short of the green in the perfect place to kick onto the green just like it should on a links style golf course. Then the ball rolled so perfectly beautiful to the center of the cup to drop for a perfect ONE! What a great moment, congratulations! (picture below)

We were also able to play the amazing Fancourt Links on this particular journey. What a great course proudly boasting at nr one in our golf rankings, and for very good reason! A big thank you to Mark, the director of golf of Fancourt.

See you on the Rovos Rail again soon!

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